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Teachers! Are you looking for fresh ideas to use in the classroom? We have a a huge range of colourful and stimulating resources for you to use in the classroom. The site was initially set up to help parents, but the interest shown by schools led us to open up the site to teachers, many of whom are now using our resources in the classroom and as homework activities.

We appreciate that both parents and teachers have a role in educating, stimulating and encouraging enjoyment in learning for children of all ages. We aim to offer an insight into the systems of schooling, subjects covered for their child's key stage and the achievements possible for each age group.

Spring Term Ideas

Here are just a few ideas, but please take a look at Spring Term Ideas for Teachers and Spring Activities for plenty more.
Topic on spring
Spring booklet 1
First signs of Spring
Growing seeds
Chinese New Year

Autumn Term ideas

Halloween maths
Celebrate Diwali
Autumn action rhymes
Rosh Hashanah
Harvest festival
Thinking about Remembrance Day


Summer craft ideas
Pond dipping
Insect topic
Project on beaches
Playing through the summer
More summer crafts
Outdoor games for summer

We have shown here just a small fraction of our thousands of resources. Please look around the site to see what else we have to offer. The first pages are an illustration of how wide-ranging our resources are.

Oxford Reading Tree reading ages
Mind maps and how to use them
Schonell reading test
A dictionary of mathematics
Book quiz for 7 to 11 year olds
Citizenship at KS2
Eco project
Playground games
Using dictionaries
Rationing in World War II
Comprehension - factual writing
Flower crafts
The gruffalo FS topic
Rosh Hashanah
Autumn ideas
Goodnight Mr Tom


Here are some ideas to help your pupils to think laterally and to increase concentration.They are also fun so useful for team work and to expand knowledge. There are more ideas like this on the site.

FS basic thinking skills
Maths puzzles & problems for year 1 & 2
Have fun with these questions
Puzzles for all

Explaining schooling for parents

We have plenty of resources to help your parents understanding schooling at all ages. To see all these, please go to the Worksheet Finder and search under All - All - Schooling Explained and select the appropriate age group and also General. Here are just some examples.

Help with getting your child ready for school
What will my child learn in KS1?
Preparing for school
Open days at senior schools

Web resources

To help busy teachers, we have gathered together links to some useful web-based resources.To help you to keep up to date, we regularly check for new Government publications and add them to our resources. Many more can be found through the Worksheet Finder by searching on Teacher's Resources.

Early Years Inspection Handbook 2015
School Inspection Handbook 2016
The Common Inspection Framework
Changes to GCSE, AS and A Levels
Timeline of GCSE reforms
Timeline of AS and A Level reforms
GCSE reform
School Food in England
School Admissions Code
Quick Start: CPD Toolkit for Secondary Teachers
Quick Start: CPD Toolkit for Primary Teachers
Computing in the National Curriculum: Primary
Computing in the National Curriculum: Secondary
CPD Computing Primary
Young person's guide to the Munro Review
The Munro Review of Child Protection
Behaviour and discipline in schools
Bew Review
Independent Review of Teachers' Standards
Teachers' Standards
Education Act 2011
The Importance of Music
RE online
Sherston literacy
Virtual tours of places of worship
Link to EPals
National Strategies - numeracy
Festivals month by month
Science sites for teachers
Scottish Qualifications Agency
Review of the Primary Curriculum
Your child, your schools, our future
What is a Children'sTrust?
Real meals
Gifted and Talented website
The 21st century school
The Teachers' Guarantee
Community cohesion in action
Academies DfE guidance
Statutory Framework for EYFS
Advice on Child Internet Safety
Guide to EYFS in Montessori Settings
Guide to EYFS in Waldorf Steiner Settings

Teaching resources

RE in English schools
Spatial reasoning
Understanding progress in English
EYFS Profile 2018
Reading by 6: how the best schools do it
Understanding progress in mathematics
Primary RE books
Reading level ladders
Writing level ladders
Speaking and listening level ladders

We have resources to support teaching across the curriculum.

English resources are divided into key areas - please see the Subject menu on the top bar.
We have an extensive section on book reviews and this includes many early reading books.

History programmes of study KS1 and 2
Coordinated Assessment and EHC Plan
English appendix 2: vocab, grammar & punct
English appendix 1: spelling
English programmes of study KS1 and 2
English programmes of study KS3
Maths programmes of study KS1 and 2
Maths programmes of study KS3
Goldilocks and the Three Bears discussion board
Rhyme ideas for KS1
Comprehension passages for Year 6
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
Primary reading test
Group reading test
Reading now
NC science programmes of study KS1 and 2
NC science programmes of study KS3

Our maths pages cover all the key areas and provide useful ideas for extension work.

Fun for foundation stage topic
Maths puzzles & problems for year 1 & 2
Time problems for KS2
Functional maths project
Progress in maths 4
Progress in maths 11
Mental maths for Year 4 a


Below you will find some sample policies. 

Anti-bullying policy
Child Protection Policy
Collective worship policy
Home school agreement
Homework policy
SRE policy
Sample handwriting & presentation policy
Model Safeguarding Policy


We have compiled a selection of popular resources for teachers.  

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